KC land transfer plan offers key piece for Paragon Star development, infrastructure

The Paragon Star development team is hopeful Kansas City leaders will see a 96-acre annexation request from the City of Lee’s Summit as a win-win for both cities.

The undeveloped land sits on the north side of Paragon Star’s sprawling development area and would provide the final piece of land required for an $8 million extension of View High Road connecting Bannister Road to I-470.  

“A parkway with a similar route has been on the city’s master transportation plan since the 1970’s, and city staff believes this would be a good way to get the road built. We think it's a win-win for both communities,” said Bill Brown, Paragon Star principal. “There’s not a lot of development on that land right now, so it isn’t producing significant tax revenue. However, the creation of a new regional trafficway would stimulate new development in both Lee's Summit and Kansas City.”

A newly created regional Transportation Development District would fully fund planning and construction of the new road adjacent to the future $220 million youth sports complex and entertainment destination just north of I-470 along View High Drive. At full buildout, Paragon Star will include sports fields, restaurants, retail, a hotel, residential, and office buildings.

Under the proposal, Kansas City would "detach" the 96 acres and Lee's Summit would annex the land. The new parkway and additional sports fields and other recreation opportunities envisioned on the 96 acres creates a strong value proposition, according to Brown. 

"The KCMO Plan Commission unanimously recommended approval of the plan to the KCMO City Council, and we're hopeful that the Council will agree with the recommendation," Brown said. "Otherwise, I don't see the parkway and the associated development occurring anytime in the near future, and that would be unfortunate.”

A decision should come in mid-December.