Energy Efficiency

KCP&L program lights up MC Realty's energy efficiency effort

With more than 3.5 million square feet of commercial property in downtown Kansas City, MC Realty Group is well-known for its success in revitalizing dozens of abandoned and obsolete buildings. But in recent years, the parent company of DST Realty Inc. and Financial Holding Corp. has quietly made energy efficiency a priority within its portfolio of historic, renovated properties.

“We were looking for ways to make our properties safer, more comfortable, and more energy efficient for our tenants,” MC Realty Vice President of Operations Tom Corso said. “We realized that one of the few costs we can control is energy.”

MC Realty has worked closely with KCP&L to identify, prioritize and complete 31 energy efficiency projects in recent years, taking advantage of the utility’s substantial rebate program. By improving HVAC and cooling towers and adding energy saving features like LED lighting to parking garages and elevators, the upgrades have earned MC Realty almost $2 million in rebates from KCP&L and saved its properties an estimated 4.2 million kWh a year.

In addition to cutting energy costs, MC Realty has saved money on maintenance and replacement expenses because LED lighting lasts longer than old lamp or ballast lighting.

“I’d highly recommend KCP&L’s rebate program to other property management firms,” Corso said. “It’s very simple, and they’re easy to work with. Projects that didn’t make sense beforehand make sense after the rebate.”

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KCP&L offers energy incentives for industrial projects

Industrial users could be missing out on tens of thousands of dollars in potential cost savings available through KCP&L's energy efficiency programs. That was the message from the utility to attendees at MetroWireMedia's 2017 Industrial Summit on August 25th. 

"The industrial sector of the economy provides the most number of opportunities for partnerships between KCP&L and you or your clients," KCP&L Economic Development Manager John Engelmann told attendees. "These will provide a more compelling business case for the site or building you are marketing to your clients."

Medium to large-sized manufacturing, warehouse and distribution projects may also qualify for KCP&L's Economic Development Rider Tariff, which provides a discounted rate over a five-year period and equates to approximately one years' worth of energy costs. To qualify, projects must have a separately metered load of 200KW, a multiple shift operation and incentives from the city of state in which the building is located. 

"These incentives must be applied for prior to any public announcement by the client, so the key to any successful partnership is to include KCP&L's Economic Development Team early in the process so we can make sure your clients can qualify,"  Engelmann said.  

In addition, KCP&L has an Energy Efficiency Team dedicated to working with Missouri customers, builders and developers to obtain rebates for the purchase of higher efficiency products such as lighting, HVAC, controls, drives/pumps or process items. 

Energy Efficiency Rebates are capped at up to $500,000 per customer per year and are available for everything from standard solutions such as simple lighting upgrades to customized needs for larger retrofits or new construction projects. 

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