BUILT Interior Construction goes wall-to-wall with custom building solution

BUILT opened its Kansas City office in 2015, determined that the construction industry was ready to embrace a sustainable, tech-friendly, pre-manufactured building solution that would save time and money for the end user.

As the company celebrates its third birthday this month, it's clear that the vision of partners Dave AndersonMark Brandmeyer and Russ Branden is paying off. High-profile clients in the health care, education, and corporate space are lining up to incorporate the company's flexible building solution into their projects.

"It's a totally new and different way to build interiors," said BUILT Partner Dave Anderson. "Conventional construction can't do these fit and finishes, and we are able to bring down overall project costs with our speed to market."

Recent projects include Kansas City Orthopaedic Institute's expansion, several BCBS SpiraCare clinics, and new headquarters for Mariner Holdings and Mediware Information Systems.

Using the DIRTT-branded prefabricated solution, BUILT creates customizable, floor-to-ceiling sliding glass panels that allow for easy access to IT, plumbing and electrical infrastructure within the walls. 

"We like to say, we don't make walls; we liberate the space between them," said Andre' Davis, business development manager for BUILT. "We serve as a strategic partner to anyone interested in building better, using technology and clean construction methods to future-proof their space."

Panels arrive ready to install and bypass the need for paint or wallpaper, which allows for a quicker buildout and cleaner construction sites. It's a solution that health care providers finding particularly attractive because components arrive UL-tested and construction is minimally disruptive to busy medical facilities and offices. 

One more perk: the pre-manufactured solution reduces concerns about available construction workers.

"We believe we add value to any General Contractor out there trying to win projects, especially because labor is so tight," Davis added. "We just need three weeks of lead time, and we can be on-site by the fourth week."

Find out more about BUILT Interior Construction online at Builtinterior.com.