Michael T. Lanning

USFP forms new property management partnership

Longtime commercial real estate veteran Michael T. Lanning is partnering with US Federal Properties (USFP) to oversee its property management portfolio. USFP acquires, develops, finances and manages properties primarily leased to the U.S. federal government.

Lanning will lead US Asset Services, a newly formed entity that has acquired USFP's Class A portfolio of 35 properties representing more than two million square feet in 14 states.

"We worked with Mike for 12 years at CBRE and have continued to maintain a great relationship with him over the years," said USFP Principal Rick Baier. 

"This partnership is an opportunity for Mike - who has been with large commercial real estate firms his entire career - to own, manage and develop his own company. It is equally beneficial for USFP since it allows us to focus on our core business of developing commercial properties."

The acquisition and partnership does not affect the development efforts of USFP Principals Rick Baier, Dan Carr, Cathy Baier and Kevin Kelly. Additionally, USFP's sister company, CBC Real Estate Group, will continue its development activities.

"The USFP acquisition gives us a national platform on which to build US Asset Services, which is focused on owners of government-occupied buildings and healthcare real estate," Lanning said. "I'm excited to take the best practice learnings from my 30-year career with large brokerage firms and partner with USFP to leverage its portfolio to service existing and future property management clients."

Anne Lemon, CPM, will join Lanning as Managing Principal at US Asset Services. US Asset Services will retain USFP's Property Management associates and clients and will co-office with USFP/CBC.

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