Martin City Brewing Company

Martin City Brewing Co. hops into Lee's Summit

The fourth Martin City Brewing Company (MCBC) location is set to open soon in Lee's Summit, MO.

MCBC Pizza & Taproom - Lee's Summit, located on the north side of Hiway 50 and SW Blue Pkwy in Pine Tree Plaza, will join the existing two locations in Martin City, MO and the pizza and taproom in Mission Farms in Overland Park, KS.

Co-owners Matt Moore and Chance Adams opened their first location, MCBC - The Pub, at 500 E 135th St. in Martin City, MO., in 2011. A few years later in 2014, they opened MCBC Pizza and Taproom, just across the street.

Moore, who grew up in a family-owned restaurant business, said Martin City was the obvious choice for their first location. Moore's family owns two popular Martin City establishments, Jess & Jim's Steak House and Rc's Restaurant & Lounge, so he was - and still is - very familiar with the restaurant business and the area.

"After years of home-brewing and business planning, Chance and I decided to open a brewery in Martin City. Thanks to an enthusiastic community, it wasn’t long until we had a full-blown brewing operation, with canning and distribution throughout the KC metro," Moore said.

In May 2018, MCBC decided to venture over to the Kansas side of the state line, opening MCBC Pizza & Taproom - Mission Farms, in the former Pizzabella restaurant at 4000 Indian Creek Pkwy in Overland Park.

"The building was built out as a pizza establishment already and we saw the need for an approachable dining setting in Mission Farms," Moore said.

Moore, who lives in Lee's Summit with his wife and children, said Lee's Summit seemed like the next logical destination to open the fourth MCBC.

MCBC Pizza & Taproom - Lee's Summit is located in a stand-alone building which was previously leased out for seasonal retail. The 6,000 SF building is double the size of the Mission Farms location.

Besides a wide selection of their own craft beers, the Pizza & Taprooms regularly offer a handful of MCBC beers that typically are not distributed or available elsewhere. Moore also plans to serve a nice selection of other beer, wine and "sangria on tap" at the new location as well as their known-to-be-delicious stone, wood-fire pizzas and other family-friendly menu items.

The MCBC in Lee's Summit will not be their last location, according to Moore.

"We do plan to add more locations in the KC metro in the future, as brewery expansion is on the rise," Moore said.

MCBC volumed 10,000 barrels in 2019, with beer in approximately 200 retail locations across Kansas to the Colorado line and the entire KC metro on the Missouri side.

This year MCBC released a total of 20 “bigger, bolder, local beers,” including Double Sacred Hardway, Alchemy Coffee Stout, Violet Carson Rose' Ale and Brooo Milk Chocolate Stout. A popular seasonal brew, Donut Stout, will be released next month.

Moore plans to open in Lee's Summit on Wed., October 30th, with bands each Friday and Saturday night, beginning the first weekend of November.

Other retailers in Pine Tree Plaza include Krab Kingz Seafood, Harbor Freight, Planet Fitness, Chuck's Boots and The Smoothie Shop.