Shafer Kline & Warren, Roeland Park team up to fill void

The City of Roeland Park is looking to capitalize on the strong growth in residential development in Johnson County by rebuilding a key property along Roe Boulevard.

What was originally a mine today is a “sizable void,” presenting a challenge to development. Most recently, it was used as a swimming pool but was shut down after demonstrating instability. As the city’s on-call engineer, Shafer Kline & Warren have recommended the city uses a design-build approach for the project, which would allow contractors and geotechnical firms to submit a host of potential solutions for the city to consider as they look to fill the void and prepare it for development.

The present day site looks like this. Photo courtesy of Shafer Kline & Warren.

The present day site looks like this. Photo courtesy of Shafer Kline & Warren.

“Based on our experience with design-build, we felt this approach would be the best option,” said Howard Lubliner, SKW managing director of infrastructure services. “Not only will the design-build approach allow for different construction solutions to be presented, but it also allows price, timing and experience to all be considered as part of the overall evaluation and selection of a team.”

SKW will serve as the owner’s representative for the project, and has developed the project RFQ. The firm will also develop the RFP, assist in the evaluation and selection of a design-build team, and assist with the observation of the construction project.

“With its location on Roe Boulevard, this project is very important to the City,” said Lubliner. “The City is considering a variety of development options to serve the community once the mine remediation and site preparation is complete.”

To see the project’s RFQ, see the City of Roeland Park’s website.