Onward & Upward: Techweek KC showcases city's growth

BY GUEST CONTRIBUTOR Jon Copaken, Copaken Brooks

Jon Copaken

Jon Copaken

This week marks the city’s second annual Techweek and we are excited to take part as sponsors and attendees. As a commercial real estate firm, many might ask why Copaken Brooks has opted to be so involved with a technology event such as this. As a visible proponent of the city’s growth, we find it important to be involved in initiatives that we think are promoting further upward movement for Kansas City. This includes not only Techweek, but many of the arts, education and urban growth initiatives happening in the metro.

Many may be surprised to know that although we are known for large-scale downtown properties like Town Pavilion and 1201 Walnut, we also work with many startups and small tech companies that are looking for smaller spaces. Budding tech companies have specific needs for their environments that go beyond high-speed internet hookups and hip locales.

Oftentimes spaces that promote collaboration and productivity while fitting in with an organization’s principals like sustainability are the top priorities, not to mention the attractiveness of Kansas City’s affordability and geographic location.

In conjunction with Copaken Brooks’ philosophical support of entrepreneurs and small businesses, we believe in the mission of what happens in the technology world. We see this as doing our part to promote Kansas City as a business-friendly place. All of this, of course, is alongside those who are increasing access to funding, pioneering our Smart City effort, bringing user-friendly transportation to the urban core, and others who showcase what the city can do for start-ups. As we move forward with our partnership with Techweek, our goal is to continue to create the types of spaces in which people want to operate, meeting the unique needs of different industries and company cultures.

I hope you take the time this week to attend some Techweek events and learn what others are doing to make this city among the best in the nation for technology startups.

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