How Jonathan Arnold builds 'socially responsible' real estate

The smarter, stronger and more sustainable designs are modern, featuring lofty ceilings, above average square-foot layouts and polished cement floors.

The mixed-use neighborhood is the new standard. That's according to Jonathan Arnold, president and CEO of Arnold Development Group.

The cornerstone of the increasingly popular mixed-use concept is convenience: being able to walk from your home to the grocery store, doctor's office, coffee shop, gym, park, or anywhere else a person visits on a typical day. Theoretically, transit is nearby and easy to access.  It's a concept that hinges on saving money, time and energy.

Arnold believes the concept was predominantly driven by the rising population of two generations. 

"By 2020, it is projected that there will be a surplus of 27 million single family homes driven by millennials who do not want to live in the suburbs and baby boomers who are downsizing," Arnold said.  

The ADG model for building sustainable cities includes Urban Farming, Passive House Certification, Concrete Construction and 20% Workforce Housing.  

As a Certified B Corporation, which provides a framework and certification for companies wishing to benefit society as well as their shareholders, Arnold Development Group's model focuses on a triple-bottom line return of people, planet, and profits. 

"Our investment methodology, developed over the past 20 years, allows us to cost effectively create environmentally and socially responsible real estate in walkable, smart growth locations," Arnold said at a recent KC Downtowners luncheon. 

Beyond Arnold Development Group's smart growth focus, the firm is also creating lasting value through sustainable development. Passive house energy-saving technology lowers energy consumption and carbon emissions.  Cost-efficient design, smart construction models and materials, including triple-glazed windows, an abundance of concrete, an absence of tile and minimal dry-wall are redefining initial decisions and ultimately lowering life cycle costs.  

Currently underway in the River Market, Arnold Development Group is building a four-acre, $60 million multifamily project called Second and Delaware Residences. When complete, the development will be the largest Passive House certified structure in the world, consuming 90 percent less energy than comparable buildings in the area.

The smarter, stronger and more sustainable designs are modern, featuring lofty ceilings, above average square-foot layouts and polished cement floors. Luscious rooftop gardens and coordinating exterior finishes thoughtfully embrace the beauty of the surrounding historic neighborhoods and complete the forward-thinking designs. 

ADG boasts several projects near the historic KC River Market including Second and Main, a 20,000 SF creative office space renovation; First and Main Lofts, which include 25 condo units and a ground office suite; and Second and Delaware Residences, a 276-unit multifamily development located in the heart of Kansas City. The Second and Delaware Residences is scheduled to open in July 2017.

ADG's team, cleverly named the "Smart Growth Group," includes Western Forms, JarenLaughlin, Palmer Electric, Greenfield Mechanical, Nebel Construction Services, Contractor John Rohrer, Staengl Engineering, Direct Design Enterprises architects and CEO Structural Engineers.