Copaken Brooks helps Prospect charter school expand

KIPP KC will expand this school at 1701 Prospect to include 800 total students from kindergarten through 8th grade.

Copaken Brooks is helping a local charter school expand its operations in the east side of Kansas City. KIPP KC is part of a charter school organization that serves mostly low-income and minority students across the country.  With the real estate firm’s assistance, KIPP has completed its purchase of a building at 1701 Prospect.

“We are happy to help KIPP KC further advance its mission here in Kansas City,” John Coe, senior vice president at Copaken Brooks, said. Coe and Molly Crawford represented KIPP KC.

KIPP purchased the 95,769-square-foot building from the City of Kansas City, Mo. Currently, the school serves 260 students from 5th through 8th grades. KIPP plans to expand to include kindergarten through 4th grade for a total of 800 students.

“At KIPP KC we often use the expression ‘Find a way or make one,’” said KIPP KC Executive Director Bill Olsen. “Thanks to our support from Copaken Brooks and the City of Kansas City, we’ve found a way to make our building at the corner of 18th and Prospect a permanent home. Now we are able to open additional grades, create the space our students deserve, and provide a high-quality, college prep education to more students in Kansas City.”

The building is part of the former Metropolitan Community College Pioneer Campus, and has 40 classrooms, a cafeteria, gym, and space for 100 staff. KIPP has plans to eventually expand regionally.